Jaysin Voxx is a Billboard Dance Pop Music Artist in Los Angeles who saw his first radio success with his song "Cause Everytime".

Growing up in the Bay Area, Jaysin Voxx was exposed to a world of music in and outside his home. He decided to explore the edgier sides of Pop, Dance, and Rap music that ultimately shaped his writing, stage presence, and energy-filled performances. Signed fresh out of high school at 19, Jaysin entered the music industry, ready to make his mark.

Voxx grew as an Artist on the Bay Area label but he soon realized that he wanted to expand. Relocating to Los Angeles, Voxx met with a rare opportunity to work with Akon's Konvict Muzik, a label responsible for major celebrity music acts like T-Pain, Lady Gaga, and Jason Derulo. Jaysin Voxx's work with Konvict scored Voxx his first radio play and this lead to working with 2-time Grammy Nominated Producer Kenny Smith.

Smith and Voxx delivered the hit song "Cause Everytime" - a single driven by ultra pop dance beats and stellar vocals. With down Southern drums meets East Coast production, the shimmery pop single touts Jaysin Voxx's intuitive songwriting prowess and modern pop sensibilities. These skills further honed as Voxx demonstrates in last years release of "Deeper", a collaborative with Producer Mir Wave, winner of the Portugal IPMA People's Choice.

"Cause Everytime" gained quickly and landed Jaysin Voxx on the Billboard Top 40 Airplay Chart. His music video for "Hands On Me!", directed by Carlos Hurtado, has won numerous Awards including Best Artist and Best Music Video at the Los Angeles New Wave Festival, San Pedro International, IndieFEST,and Cinerockom to name a few. Jaysin has also been chosen for Music Connection Magazine's list of Top 25 Artists. Jaysin Voxx now has over 1 Million Views on his videos across platforms and 600,000 on his teaser video clip for the soon to be released "Tha Lo Lo". On Youtube, Voxx shared his song "A Better World", a timely and inspirational World Pop song which champions the power of positivity.

In most recent news, Jaysin Voxx has gone international, collaborating in the Philippines with Platinum Producer Keith Martin ( Because of You, PolyEast Records ). Jaysin Voxx has also teamed up with a very influential company in Canada, Rosner Management Group as they prepare to launch the Jaysin Voxx Brand with Agents and Partners Worldwide. Details of which will be released very soon

Jaysin Voxx is a true Artist, choosing to write his own lyrics and melodies and often produce as well. He feels it's vital to stay "close to the metal". As an Artist who writes his own songs, he knows who he is and sees his time is now. As Voxx states, "No one can write your story better than you."

Jaysin Voxx's Brand continues to grow rapidly as he draws strength from all over the globe, building his Army of Voxxers. Now blessed by renowned Mixing Engineer Keith Armstrong ( Jonas Brothers, 5SoS, Backstreet Boys ), Jaysin Voxx is uber excited to take his musical swag and VoxxItOut Worldwide.

Jaysin Voxx is ready to pop.


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